About Our Wells and Services

Water Wells

Drilling a quality well takes time, patience, hard work, and attention to details. We know, because we’ve been drilling wells since 1958, and we know what it takes to drill a quality well.

Driller Frank Smith learned the craft of drilling from his father C.R, who started drilling in 1958 (see About Us). Frank has drilled hundreds of wells in his lifetime, and he knows how to deliver the best well possible. What’s our secret? We don’t take shortcuts.

When you drill a water well, the first step is what we call “setting steel”.  This initial part of the construction process is required by the Colorado Division of Water Resources (you can go to the link on our website to read the actual regulations) and is extremely important.  State code requires that 40 ft. of steel be inserted into the hole, after which cement is poured down around the steel to create what is called a sanitary seal.  This process prevents surface contaminants from getting into your water supply.  It’s necessary to let the cement sit overnight in order for it to cure properly and create the seal.  If you pour the cement in after the drilling is complete, then you are pouring cement into a dirty hole and will not get the sanitary seal you need.

When drilling the well it’s important to take the time to develop each fracture (or vein) of water encountered.  In addition to the water coming into the hole there are always fine sediments that come in from the vein.  Failure to work these sediments out as you are drilling results in a dirty hole as the sediments will settle at the bottom of the well. These sediments can haunt your water supply for years after drilling and can potentially slow the production rate of the well and also require a filtration system.  We have always taken the time to develop each fracture encountered – we are more concerned with attaining great water for each customer than focusing on footage production and additional incentives – aka more $$$.

Compare our services to those of other companies, based not only on cost but also on the quality of service provided.

You only drill once!

Pumps and Services

We are one of the few companies in Colorado that will drill your well and then provide pumps, tanks, and connections to your home or business. We service all installations.

David, our son, is our pump installer and repair guy.  He is an electronics technician.  This is important when troubleshooting a pump system that is not operating properly, and thus saves you time and money.  He has extensive experience in the field – he has been trained by Frank and has been working for us since 2003.  David provides quality service for connecting and maintaining your water supply.

We are an authorized key dealer for Franklin Electric pumps and accessories.